Avaaz petition against coal

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Avaaz petition against coal

Post by Kim O'Hara » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:46 am

Hitting coal producers where it hurts, i.e. in the wallet.
Dear friends,

With Trump at the wheel, climate change is spinning out of control -- but now we can create his worst nightmare by canceling coal's insurance contracts!

Trump loves the coal power plants that threaten life on earth, but coal can’t survive without insurance. Big providers are starting to dump coal thanks to public pressure -- and we can make sure a HUGE company, Munich RE, is next!

This would light a fire under the entire industry! Munich RE is deciding right now -- and in days they’re meeting their biggest customers at an insurance summit in Germany. Let's show up with 1 million signatures, delivered with massive billboards and media ads, to stop Trump’s coal dream destroying our climate!

Click to create Trump's worst nightmare and save the climate

Momentum is building! Allianz, the world’s biggest insurance company, just promised to drop coal and now is the perfect moment for us to get another huge company on board.

Munich RE is the largest global reinsurer -- covering hundreds of insurance companies -- which means they have the power to write a death sentence for coal and tar sands! Their CEO is hesitating on this issue right now, but he cares about his image on climate change, and we can grab his attention if we cause a stir ahead of this key meeting on home turf in Berlin!


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