Sujato on Conceit

Using the Buddha’s teachings to preserve and enhance our well-being, as we engage with the world
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Sujato on Conceit

Post by Nicholas »

Seems to apply this mainly to other people, people I doubt he knows personally. Looks like a casualty of too much Engaged work. Would make a better SJW than Bhikkhu.

Gets judgmental at 2:50.

May all seek, find and follow the Path of Buddhas.
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Re: Sujato on Conceit

Post by SethRich »


The Dharma is timeless.

I do wonder whether this worldly/engaged/SJW/activist Dharma will stand the test of time... Will such words, slander and confusion be met with shame and remorse in time?

Time will tell.

On a side note, if the bhikkhu in question would like to go beyond poor guess-work and actually ask non-progressives why they frown upon progressive policies, they are welcome to step outside their echo-chamber and ask. Taking it beyond persons, to policy, will help avoid it being about conceit, which I assume was the initial purpose of the rumination.

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