This guy figured out who in the world is the problem, and it's...

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This guy figured out who in the world is the problem, and it's...

Post by fwiw » Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:40 pm

It's a very long video, but put in 4 words:

The problem is YOU

Leo uses the term "the devil". I think it's more appropriate on a Buddhist forum to speak of "the problem"

He goes into Advaita Vedanta stuff and tries to work backwards from enlightenment, which is the opposite strategy to that the Buddha used: from our daily life here and now towards enlightenment

It's also a strategy adopted in certain branches of Buddhism by the way

Anyway I think he's got his system of thought pretty extensive and refined. We may not agree with everything but there can be interesting ideas to take away, or more importantly interesting self-questioning about the extent to which we harmonize our habits and decisions to our views and beliefs

... in my opinion (<- meaning unless one is talking about something one has been a direct witness of, every single thing anyone ever says is no more than an opinion. Also, don't ask me to do your research for you)

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