A floor of basic resources

Applying the Dharma to social justice issues – race, religion, sexuality and identity
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A floor of basic resources

Post by fwiw » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:42 am

I just stumbled on a suggestion from Dylan Ratigan, referencing Med4All:
There is a floor of basic resources that must be maintained in order to have a stable, functioning society, and when you pull that floor away, you open up the field for all sorts of violent and destructive forces to enter any society
He references Jihadists and the Trump train. I could add revolts like the yellow vests, what is currently happening in Chile, what happened recently in Ecuador (all neoliberal states), and also happened about 10 years ago in Myanmar under dictatorial rule, not to mention the rest of Central and South America since the 1950s.

But if we limit ourselves to the quote above, is it something that sounds compatible with Buddhist ethics?

(video starts at 17:01)
... in my opinion

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