Beyond GDP

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Beyond GDP

Post by Kim O'Hara » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:10 pm

Nicola Sturgeon
TED Summit 2019
Why governments should prioritize well-being

... In 2018, Scotland, Iceland and New Zealand established the network of Wellbeing Economy Governments to challenge the acceptance of GDP as the ultimate measure of a country's success. In this visionary talk, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon explains the far-reaching implications of a "well-being economy" -- which places factors like equal pay, childcare, mental health and access to green space at its heart -- and shows how this new focus could help build resolve to confront global challenges. ...


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Re: Beyond GDP

Post by Bundokji » Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:56 am

Interesting speech.

Where i live, we had a relatively long public holiday last week and one famous and wealthy businessman sent a letter to the prime minister complaining about public holidays which stirred a debate within the country. Its difficult to tell if he was describing the excesses of public holidays in the country or his own excesses by not finding much value in other activities beyond the production of goods and services.

The man described above might find his well-being through work, but in my case, work is nothing more than a necessary evil. It does not contribute to my well-being beyond providing for my basic needs. If i have my basic needs secured, i would never have a paid job.

The relationship between money and time is an interesting one. If i have money, i can spend my time to do what is meaningful to me. The problem is: most of those who become wealthy enough not to need to work anymore become addicted to work, not able to find meaning beyond material production.
'Too much knowledge leads to scepticism. Early devotees are the likeliest apostates, as early sinners are senile saints.' – Will Durant.

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