Poisonous Femininity

Applying the Dharma to social justice issues – race, religion, sexuality and identity
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Poisonous Femininity

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In Buddhism Masculinity and Femininity are called 'Bhava's.
Masculinity is considered the superior Bhaava and Femininity is considered the inferior Bhaava.
The higher usage of the following words are only seen in Non-Buddhist (that means heretic) vocabularies.
* Gender equality
* Toxic Masculinity

* Gender equality:
There are both equal and non-equal aspects in genders. They are equal in human birth etc. and not equal in some aspects like higher lust, anger etc.

* Toxic Masculinity:
The Toxicity is found in every Puthujjana but it can never be found higher in males than in females. It is vise-versa.
In a Buddhist vocabulary the Poisonous Femininity can be seen more than the word Toxic masculinity.
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