Mooji: a sexual predator?

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Mooji: a sexual predator?

Post by fwiw » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:44 pm

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The subject here is not to criticize Mooji's teaching, but to relay information on his person, because by experience I know that some people who are interested in Buddhism are also attracted to such figures

Becoming God: Inside Mooji’s Portugal Cult ... ugal-cult/
Former members accuse spiritual teacher Mooji of running an abusive cult at his isolated ashram three hours from Lisbon, Portugal.
They allege sleeping with students, abuse such as screaming, shouting, shaming and humiliating, controlling behavior, pairing and breaking up couples, brainwashing and mind control, coercing people from leaving and more.
Mooji lives in a secluded hilltop gated area of the property with three young female disciples whom insiders say he is sleeping with. They also dress and undress him daily.
Mooji has cheated on his past three girlfriends with other students. One longterm female resident of the ashram who left claims to have had sex with Mooji the entire time she was there. There are other women too afraid to speak out.
Followers believe Mooji to be God and refer to him as “my Lord,” “my Master” and “my Father.” They regularly kiss his “holy” feet and bow to him.
Strange ceremonies and rituals including exorcism type events occur at the center.
Mooji has designated an isolation building for members who act out. They will be given one meal a day and learn to “know the self.”
Mooji and his team smuggled over €200,000 of unreported cash into Portugal from London and one member got caught. They used this to purchase Monte Sahaja.
Two members committed suicide in 2017, one at the ashram in Portugal and another in India.
... in my opinion

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Re: Mooji: a sexual predator?

Post by DNS » Sun Nov 03, 2019 6:23 pm

How can people be so gullible? I know, the usual suspects; lack of a strong father figure, lack of direction in their lives, lack of purpose, lack of meaning, etc. but still can't imagine how people could be so ignorant and gullible.

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